How the shop works:  choosing your products

Our products span a range of topics that reflect the diversity of crime prevention activity. Before placing your order, think about who will use the product, and what you would like to achieve by ordering it.  Here are some pointers...

Our products take one of three forms:

A5 booklets: These four-page booklets contain practical advice on what people can do to protect themselves from becoming a victim of crime by taking action to avoid an issue happening in the first place.  Booklets are designed to include the key material people need, and can be kept for reference.  You may decide to hand them out during crime-prevention operations, or provide to a victim following an incident to prevent a reoccurence.  Please bear in mind that booklets are the most expensive items to print, so they are best used with smaller very targetted groups of people, or to support a face-to-face conversation, rather than as a mass-mailing device.

Postcards: These contain bite-sized advice about preventing crime. They usually contain seven or eight bulletpoints outlining crime prevention tips. They are ideal for handing out to residents when you're out and about - especially if there's been a spate of certain crimes - or distributing at events.  Postcards are a good and inexensive way to get key points across to target larger groups, at community events where there are a lot of people, or as a door-drop item.

Posters: Posters help you raise public awareness around an issue. The fact they are visible in the community also helps you deter offenders. When putting posters in public spaces, think carefully about who will see them and remember to seek permission before putting them up.

Some topics may be available in only one format, some in two, and some in all three depending on the needs of the target audience. Occasionally we may offer other materials, such as stickers or signs.


How do I place and receive my order?

Ordering your printed products has never been easier. Here's how it works:
  1. Use the easy-to-navigate categories to choose your product
  2. Click on the product you want and specify how many you need
  3. Go to the checkout and put in your (work) details and continue with the order 
  4. The order will go directly to the Print and Design Unit who will make sure the order is ready to go on the next available delivery van (or you can arrange to collect) 
  5. Complete your order and wait for confirmation (the big green tick!) 
Print and Design will print all orders within three days, but please bear in mind that the finished printwork will then need to go on the next available delivery van.  You are strongly advised to order your products at least a week before you are planning to use them on an Op or at an event.